3 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin: All About Bitcoin Investment

There is a lot of controversy around bitcoin investment! Read this article and discover 3 reasons why should you buy Bitcoin!


Let’s face it – there is a lot of controversy around bitcoin investment and whether or not you should buy Bitcoins. This is because the value of Bitcoin increases every day. You can follow in details on places such as Coindesk to check yesterday and today’s value. Currently, there are billions and billions of dollars worth of Bitcoins in existence.

In this article, we are going to focus on why this is the right time for you to invest in Bitcoins. Here are 3 reasons that will convince you to buy Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoins are not created by banks or regulated by any institution or government – There are no banks or other institutions logging your money transactions and police or government tax agencies can’t keep track of your money. You are the only person who knows exactly how much you currently own, how much you’ve transferred or sold.
  2. Bitcoins bypass banks – Bitcoins are transferred via a special network, known as a peer-to-peer network between different people, and no bank or middleman can take a slice. Bitcoins are transferred to bitcoin wallets and these wallets can’t be frozen or seized by banks, financial institutions or law enforcement. They don’t have withdrawal or spending limits on them. In other words, nobody but the owner of the Bitcoins decides how their investment will be managed.
  3. Bitcoins are changing the way we store and spend the personal wealth – Since the virtual money showed up, the world has automatically has handed over the power of money and currency to various banks. These banks store our virtual money, print out virtual money, move virtual money, and they charge for these services. If they need more money, they simply print more. This system is gamed and abused by banks as paper money is paper check with a promise to have a certain value. Bitcoins are designed differently. They are designed to put the control of the wealth you own back into your hands. Instead of virtual bank balances or paper that promise to have a certain value, Bitcoins are packages of data that contain a value.

If you are planning to buy Bitcoins, don’t hesitate and do it now! The value constantly increases and if you wait too long, you would not be able to buy Bitcoins anymore!


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